Pro Experience Football Academy

FEX ACADEMY Professional Football Experience

“If you desire success more than anything else, you will have it.”

Our high performance football camp offers one of the best professional European football experiences. Our intensive soccer program provides you with the coaching staff, the training facilities and the luxury accommodation so you can train like the professional players do. In this football academy, you have up to two weeks of hard work, concentration and a complete learning experience to take the first steps towards your dream of being a professional footballer. You tell us what your dreams are, and we´ll give you a plan to help you fulfill them.

Our Program

Our high performance academy has worked hard to compare and find the best professional football camps to offer you 100% intelligent soccer training and personalized attention to get the best out of you. You will discover how to reach your full potential by improving your football skills and planning your path for growth in order to achieve your professional goals.

  • Maximum intensity workouts
  • Personalized attention
  • Application of modern soccer technology
  • Physical and mental preparation
  • Soccer drills and assessment for entrance into the Barcelona High Performance Academy
  • Development of teamwork and leadership skills
  • Competitions

Train like a professional.
Live like a professional.
Become a professional.

Our Training

Entrenamiento en Academia FEX
Entrenamiento en la academia

To become a professional player, you'll need to get used to training like the professionals do. The FEX high performance football academy was founded in order to offer you a path to achieve your dream of being an elite athlete.

This dream of becoming a pro footballer is a goal that requires intense hard work, so it's essential that you´re willing to train for many hours a day to improve your skills, physical conditioning, technique and tactics.

We also know that it's important for you to learn the values of sports, such as discipline, sacrifice, resilience, leadership and teamwork.

To form the best style of football technification training, we wanted to have coaches who not only share the dreams and goals of our students, but who have also lived the professional football life for themselves. To accomplish this, we offer you the qualified and UEFA accredited coaching staff from the High Performance Academy in Barcelona, one of the best football schools in Europe.  Who better to advise and train aspiring athletes than those who have played on and shared their knowledge with some of the best teams in the world?

Our Technology

Tecnología durante el entrenamiento
Sesión de video análisis

The coaching staff at our summer campus has the latest technological advances in the field of football to analyze your technique millimeter by millimeter in order to offer you feedback on how you can improve. From the use of video analysis to personal trainers that analyze your technique and tactics to find areas for improvement, you´ll have these tools available to take care of every detail in order to move you closer to your future as a professional player.

Likewise, we have specialized analysts, sports psychologists, coaches, instructors and physiotherapists so that our participants have the assurance that all their needs will be met.

You can view more detailed information about our coaching staff and use of technology in the Program section.

Our Location

Our football school is located in Benahavís, a quiet and modern town in the province of Malaga located a few kilometers from the famous city of Marbella.

Benahavís enjoys professional level training facilities and accommodation, which is evidenced by this location being used by some renowned clubs such as Marbella, Almeria, Malaga and RCD Mallorca, among others. The football training ground is intended to provide security, tranquility, fun and professionalism in equal parts, so players can concentrate on football from when they get up until they go to bed.

Polideportivo municipal Benahavis

Our training facilities:

  • Location: Benahavís Municipal Sports Complex
  • Size: 6.000m2
  • Stands for spectators
  • Dressing rooms and bathrooms
  • Additional areas: Sports pavilion (indoor soccer, basketball, tennis, handball), padel court
Piscina hotel

Our accommodation:

  • Location: Gran Hotel Benahavís (near Marbella)

  • Luxury triple rooms

  • Short walking distance to the training facilities

  • Full board at the hotel´s dining facilities

  • Equipment room

  • Laundry service for training kits

  • Pool


You can see more detailed information about our facilities and camp surroundings in the Camp Setting section.

Our Objetive

Our mission is to guide players on their journey to success, offering them a professional training plan and luxurious facilities, so that they begin to get used to the life they'll have as future professional athletes. To do this, we´ve analyzed and researched the options in order to offer participants the care, comfort, training, and the path they need.  Athletes should come with the desire to work hard, and if so, they´ll leave the program with a clear idea of how to move forward and achieve their dreams.

Your Professional Career

Once you finish your training at the FEX Academy, we want you to continue on your path to sporting success. To help prepare you for this, at the end of your experience with us, we will offer you personalized options and opportunities to continue growing in your professional career:

  • Additional training camps to continue improving your skills
  • Access to the long-term training program at the High Performance Academy in Barcelona

An average of 30 students each year from the long-term program at the High Performance Academy in Barcelona sign to a 1st or 2nd division European team at the end of the academic year. Through our program, you can find out if you have what it takes to become one of them and prepare for trials with professional clubs.

You can view more detailed information about the post-camp opportunities in the Your Future section.