One of the strengths of our high performance summer camp is the professional environment that reinforces the experience of luxury, professionalism and safety.

Until today, most professional football schools have been concerned with offering elite football training, but is the rest of the experience as a professional player secondary? How about the training facilities? And the rest of the activities available to relax and get to know your peers?

The best training facilities and accommodation.

We believe that the best players deserve to train on the best fields, sleep in the best rooms, and allow themselves the comfort of only concerning themselves with improving their skills. Therefore, we have carefully chosen the best training facilities and accommodation, so that you can now feel like the professional player you are going to become.

We believe in you.
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Benahavís soccer field panoramic view
Benahavís panoramic view

Our summer soccer camps take place in Benahavís, a mountainous town of 7,000 inhabitants located in a privileged area of Costa del Sol, only a few kilometers from the well-known city of Marbella.

Its geographical location, its modern infrastructures and its safe environment make Benahavís an ideal place to enjoy a good football training experience, luxurious recovery/rest and various leisure activities. You´ll have the comfort of traveling by foot between the training facilities and your accommodation, and you won't have to worry about your safety while improving your tactics and football technique.

The town of Benahavís has an environment with the potential for you and the rest of the players to participate in a great variety of activities in order to have fun while you get to know each other better, such as rafting, horse riding or golf.

El entorno de Benahavis

Golf camp at Benahavís
Golf camp
Lake near Benahavís
Lake near Benahavís
Bridge near Benahavís
Bridge near Benahavís


Polideportivo municipal Benahavis
Traning field at Benahavis

The training at our high performance soccer academy takes place at the Benahavís Municipal Sports Center. Its facilities have the level of quality typical of elite clubs, which requested and used by professional teams such as FC Marbella, Málaga, Mallorca and Almería, among others.

The Municipal Sports Center of Benahavís has a 6,000 m2 natural grass soccer field, and includes individual seats spread throughout its stands for spectators, as well as locker rooms and bathrooms so athletes can shower and change at the end of training. The field is fully adapted to new technologies in football, so you will have the opportunity to hire additional services to help you improve even more through new advanced drills, tests and analysis.

In addition, the facilities have other recreational areas where you can practice other sports such as indoor soccer, tennis, padel, basketball and handball; a perfect way to strengthen ties and create a relationship of friendship and trust with the rest of your peers, in addition to learning values ​​such as leadership, camaraderie and teamwork.

Luxury facilities available at the Benahavis Municipal Sports Complex

Cafeteria polideportivo Benahavis
Coffee shop
Aseos del campo de entrenamiento
Duchas para jugadores

A professional player
deserves a professional field.


Patio interior del hotel
Interior square

When athletes participate in intensive training sessions, it's important that they´re able to disconnect and relax to continue giving their best during workouts. If you don't sleep well or don't have well-deserved rest and leisure time, you may find it impossible to put in 100%, and you may even get injured.

Our camp is specially designed for you to become a professional footballer. In order for you to start training at the level of a true elite athlete and learn what the football life is like, you´ll stay in luxurious rooms designed to offer you quality rest and help you recover to maximize your potential and perform to the fullest.

In order to offer the best possible rest and recovery, our athletes will stay at the Gran Hotel Benahavís, which is located right in front of the training facilities and only a short walk away. The hotel has elegant and comfortable triple rooms, prepared for luxurious rest and security after a hard workout.

All participants will have a full board, as well as access to several additional services, such as a swimming pool, laundry service for their training kits, a storage room and games area.

Accommodation at Gran Hotel Benahavís

Piscina del hotel
Swimming pool
Habitación del hotel
Restaurante del hotel
Terraza del hotel
Exteriores del hotel
Covered walkway
Exteriores del hotel
Outdoor areas

The best training
starts with the best recovery.