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The team at our high performance soccer academy has more than 40 years of experience teaching football from the youngest stages, and more than 20 years offering assistance and advice to young soccer players who want to fulfill their dreams through uniting the best soccer and academic training.

We´ve provided a dedicated service to each student, and we´ve endeavored to listen and understand exactly what they need to help them become professional footballers.

For this reason we´ve created the FEX Academy Professional Football Experience summer camp.

Our football academy´s success and the effectiveness of our methodology is supported by a long list of famous alumni, such as David Soria, Adrián Dalmau, Brandon Thomas and Óliver Torres, among others.

Our coaches are highly qualified by UEFA, and they have experience playing on and training top teams such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and the Mexican National Team.

We´ve endeavored to have the latest advances in football technology. This makes us able to analyze every second and every millimeter of what that happens on the field while students perform their exercises, with the goal of correcting and improving their technique and football tactics.

We have maximum experience training and preparing players for their team soccer tests.

We have a professional team formed of analysts specialized in football technification, physiotherapists, psychologists, instructors and coaches.

For all these reasons, we only work with the best specialists in the world of football, to make sure that every moment you live with us you feel like your dream is getting closer.



We believe that passion is the key to success.

Even if you already know how to play football professionally, only your passion can determine how far you are able to go, how much you are willing to strive, and how much you can sacrifice to achieve your dreams.

Once you´ve decided that you want to learn how to improve in football, you´ve got to work hard to get where you want to go.

Even if you already have this passion, success can be difficult if you don't have a plan to get to the top.

This is why we give ourselves the mission of providing you a plan that feeds and develops your passion.

That's why we created the FEX Academy summer camp.

In order to help you, we´ve taken into account each comment, each criticism and each suggestion to create the perfect experience.

The FEX Academy was founded with two main purposes:

  • Provide the best environment for you to learn what football is from the perspective of a professional footballer. We want to make you feel like a professional, train like a professional in professional facilities and rest like a professional in luxurious rooms.
  • Offer you a plan to achieve your dreams once the camp is over.

We created this summer camp to help you fulfill your dreams.

We created this summer camp to accompany you to the top.

We created this summer camp for you.

We want to treat you like
the professional that you'll become.


We´ve put great care into every detail of our high-performance camp to make sure you have the best of the best in every way possible.

However, we´re aware that there's a life beyond the experience we offer.

You should know that the hard work doesn't end at our summer camp.

From our own experience, we know that football demands sacrifice and concentration.

We won't provide you with success, but rather a plan with which you can achieve it by your own means.

We´ll try to instill values in you that'll help you in the future, but we know it won't be enough.

Therefore, in addition to helping you prepare physically and mentally for two weeks, we also advise you on what plans you should follow after finishing the program.

You can find more information about our subsequent plans in the Your Future section.


We want to make it clear to the world that football is not just a game.

Each and every component of our high performance academy takes football as the serious sport that it is; a professional career as important and valid as any other.

Therefore, we require that each and every one of our participants be willing to not only just train, but also learn and apply values of a good work environment (such as discipline and dedication), without forgetting others such as resilience, trust, and of course, passion for football.

We know that once our athletes have this level of involvement, they´ll only need to follow our guidelines and plans to reach the top of their careers.