The FEX high performance soccer academy was founded with the main objective of helping young soccer promises learn and improve their football skills in order to reach their goal of becoming professional players..

If you are interested in learning how to be a professional soccer player, you need to experience professional-style soccer training.

This is why we offer you a qualified coaching staff that´ll not only bring out your full potential in the training sessions, but will also show you which route you should follow to reach the pinnacle of your career.

We specialize in
converting talent into success.


  • Required skill leve: intermediate or higher
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Camp Schedule: 9:00am to 6:00pm
  • Training intensity: high
  • Participants per group: 15

Best Soccer Academy
Best Soccer Training


The specialized training offered at our summer camp aims to prepare you to be a professional footballer. To accomplish this, we have the best coaching staff, the best training facilities and the best possible conditions for your rest/recovery.

We take care of every detail to provide the best soccer experience for our students.

We want to show our future elite athletes the life they'll have when they achieve their goals. We want to be part of your path, and by using our knowledge/experience in football training, we aim for that path to be more comfortable and more accessible.


Entrenamiento en Academia FEX

At the beginning of our soccer camp, we´ll evaluate your tactics and technique to determine your current skill level. Using this information, you´ll be assigned to the best small training group with peers that´ll help you learn and grow along with you

Your training will be intensive, dedicated and personalized, and will be focused on improving your strengths and weaknesses. To ensure that our participants can withstand this intense training pace, we require that they have a strong prior base to work from. If you´re not already accustomed to high-intensity training for numerous hours per day, it´ll be much more difficult to follow the lessons and train at the level of your peers. Unfortunately, this means that you won't be able to take advantage of the camp in the way that we expect.


  • Good physical condition.
  • Used to training several days a week.


  • High intensity/demanding training sessions.
  • Small groups organized by level.


  • Preparation for professional football.
  • Work on weaknesses and further develop strengths.

However, we must remind you that big goals demand a great level of sacrifice. Although our high performance academy is among the best football camps currently on the scene, the FEX offers plans, not miracles. We start from the basis that all our athletes want to fight for their dreams, no matter how much they have to work for it. If you´re not willing to work hard and just looking for an easy way to get fame or money, this academy is not for you.

Your training will be hard.
Your reward will be high.

Coaching Staff

In order to offer you football training with proven results, we´ve selected a coaching staff from one of the best high-performance academies in Europe. With more than 40 years of experience training professional footballers from professional clubs, these coaches know what football is and they´ve worked tirelessly to become recognized worldwide for their efforts.. Footballers like Adrián Dalmau, David Soria, Brandon Thomas and Óliver Torres (among many others) are cases that demonstrate the effectiveness of this unique training style.

The experience of each coach is endorsed by renowned teams such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and the Mexican National Team, among others, both for having played for them and for having had the opportunity to impart their training methods as coaches. To certify that their work is the best, all academy coaches are UEFA qualified with the highest level license.

Qualified coaches with high-level UEFA licenses.

The academy has dozens of highly qualified coaches, and many of them will come train at the summer camp in Benahavis. The head coaches ensure that the rest of the team follows their unique training methodology. The head coaches are:

Carlos Mendoza

Carlos Mendoza

Carlos Rivero

Carlos Rivero

Franco Sanchirico

Francisco Sanchírico

More information about our academy´s coaches can be found here

Academy´s coaches

This academy´s coaching staff specializes in high performance soccer training according to its own methodology, which focuses on personalized soccer training to improve the technique and tactics of each student.

Es más It's easier to show others the path whenmostrar el camino
you´ve already been down it before.

Additional Services

In addition to all of the above, we offer you the opportunity to sign up for the best technology options in football for an even more personalized experience. All of them will help you get much closer to your dreams.

Long-distance Analysis

You can send videos of your matches or trainings for academy coaches to analyze. Afterwards, you will receive an evaluation of your current level, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as techniques and training modes that you should try in order to improve.

New Technologies

By using the latest in technology, coaches can analyze every detail of your football technique. They have different devices such as smart balls, cameras and gauges that record every inch of movement within the field. Once they collect this data and evaluate it, they advise you on how you can modify your style to obtain perfect results. This means that you can polish the small details that separate you from simply knowing how to play football to becoming a truly elite athlete.

Video Analysis

When coaches give guidance to their athletes, an individual player may find it difficult to remember or to identify specifics that relate to their own style of play. By requesting the video analysis option, your training sessions are recorded so that you can see your own progress on the field and assess your own technique. Also, analysts will provide you with comments and graphic advice based on your own game in real time so you can quickly find out what you need to change or improve to play like a pro.

Personal Trainer

If you choose to request a personal trainer, you´ll have the supervision of an expert who´ll take advantage of your breaks from training to offer you comments on your progress and how to improve your tactics. Since this feedback is usually very specific, the advice can be difficult to fully understand at times. To avoid this, analysts use devices to visually show you where your mistakes are and how to correct them. This means you'll take full advantage of your time and get more meaningful results.

Structural Analysis

A contributing factor to the success of great athletes can be found in their correct bone and muscle structures. Bad posture can trigger poor performance on the field. Although some details may be very minor, they can have a great impact on a player's performance, both positively and negatively. The special structural analysis team will analyze your biometrics to find out what aspects can slow you down in your growth as a footballer, and which ones can help you perform better.

Clases teóricas
Analisis del juego
Video análisis

Long-term Program at the Academy

Soccer tournament organized by the academy

We´ve prepared a future for you at our high performance academy in Barcelona.

You can check out all the information about this high performance soccer academy in the Your Future section.

Future at soccer academy